Estate Planning

Published on 19th Jan, 2019 by Administrator

Last Winter, my wife signed up for a free guardianship workshop centering around ensuring the guardian of our choice is honored in the event something happens to one or both of us. The first half involved about 8 families filling out a couple of guardianship forms together, and the latter half is pretty much a sales pitch for estate planning services. Mind you, pitch is exactly the right word for it. Right down to the Powerpoint slides, I kept wondering if someone was going to ask about free points like a timeshare plan. But the service looked about right, and for a couple thousand dollars it appeared like it might meet our not-terribly-uncommon needs. In the end, took a couple months and surprisingly limited legwork, but we have an estate plan set up that we can trust will ensure our rather disparately-aged children will all be taken care of. Like the expense involved in a few of life's other little events, it's expensive because it's worth it.